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Visit SAVE THE TIGER FUND to learn more about these breathtaking creatures and what is being done to preserve and protect them from extinction. It's a great website just to learn about Tigers and has a place for kids to play games or post poetry they have written about the tigers. To learn about the rare white lions visit THE TIMBAVATI LION you have to scroll down the page but it is well worth it.
I have recently found a site that has links to everything and anything you can think of about cats, big and small, domestic or wild, it's well worth visiting - Cats-HQ and if you know of a good site you can add it to the site at Add URL

The Cats of the Secret Garden
Just click on the image for the full photograph.


Eyes of blue
Coats of white
beauty beyond measure
these are the cats of
Siegfried and Roy
rare creatures
so full of life
yet so close to extinction
But love has saved them
the love of two illusionists
who gave them a home
a safe place to live
so that they could survive and multiply
A gift to the world
A gift beyond measure.
They are a priceless treasure
these men and their beasts
for what they bring to us
the joy we find in them
the mystery and the illusions
of their magic show
the truth and the reality
of their cats
These are their legacy to us
the gift of the White Tigers

Written by Maria Sutherland
January 15th, 2000


A blinding gleam of white
stretched out on green grass
just the flicker of the tail
betrays it is alive
it doesn't look real
it shouldn't be real
once it was thought to be extinct
but a cub was found
a tiny ball of fur
small enough to hold in your arms
it was a time to rejoice
and to preserve
the kitten was nurtured
loved and cared for
growing to magnificient adulthood
A breeding program was founded
the one became many
a species continued
A blinding gleam of white
stretched out on green grass
just the flicker of the tail
betrays it is alive
A true miracle
this lazy sleeping cat
unaware of his importance
and what he means to the world.

Written by Maria Sutherland
January 18th, 2000

Look close to see the black Leopard.


When you look at me
do you know what I see,
do you understand
how you make me feel?
When I look at you
with your white fur
and blue eyes
I see breathtaking beauty
strength and gentleness
a priceless treasure.
I cannot watch you
without loving what you are
and what you mean to the world
Can you see it in my eyes
in the way I stand here
in awe, watching you
yearning to touch you
to whisper in your ear
how magnificent you are
to have you look into my eyes
and show you understand
and if I am very, very lucky
to see a little of my love returned.
When you see yourself
reflected in a pool
do you see youself as I see you?
Do you know what a gift you are
How very special you are
How very loved you are
How important you are to mankind?
When you look at me
do you know what I see?
I can only hope
that when our eyes meet
you can see in my eyes
what you mean to me
and to the world

written by Maria Sutherland
January 17th, 2000


Within each of us
there is a power
the power to give a gift
a gift so great
so important
so momentous
that no price can be attached.
It can be given by everyone
rich or poor
young or old
crossing all boundary lines
it is within us all
you choose the cost
whether it is through money
or a simple act freely given.
You have the power
the power to change the world
for countless generations to come
to make an impact
to leave your mark
you can do so quietly
or tell the world
the choice is yours
it can be simple or complex
it can be done anywhere
through any means
it can only take a second
or the rest of your life
it is all within your power
it is the greatest gift
you will ever give
it is the gift of
Conservation and Preservation.
You have the Power.

Written by Maria Sutherland
January 18th, 2000