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It's that Hopping good time of year when all Chocoholics smile ....It's EASTER. Time to get out all the Goodies and hope the Easter Bunny leaves you some really good chocolate stuff.

Easter is also a very important time for those of Christian faith. It is the time of Jesus' death and resurrection and the promise that there is life after death in God's home in heaven.

I will ask that you visit two very special parts of my home for a special man who is now in God's home in Heaven - My Daddy.

Lest We Forget - A Tribute to My Daddy and All Veterans
This is a piece of history from a Dutch soldier, my daddy, taken in Holland, Germany and after WWII in Indonesia.

and if you have time

In Memory of My Daddy
A little bit about the man I love and miss so much.

These are very special pages to me so please take a moment to visit them and sign the guestbook on my WWII site.

Just click on the arrow in the QuickNav bar and find the room that appeals to you most and see if you can find all the dragons.

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