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All the sweepstakes and lottery sites I have here are Canadian-friendly but kids, this page is for Mom and Dad since you have to be over 18 to play. Since I will not give out any credit card information on a site these sites are all free, no credit card number required, just your name and contact address so they can get the prize to you.

Once you're finished having fun with these lotteries, sweepstakes, games for prizes and stuff why not sign up to take surveys - they're usually fairly short, about 10 minutes, and depending on the survey you can either get paid outright for doing it or be entered in a drawing to get money. You won't be inundated with surveys, you just get them occasionally and it's your choice whether or not you want to do them. So why not sign up, make a difference -

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Oh yes, most of these pay in U.S. funds!

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I can say I have won the smaller amounts from Troppolotto and received the cheque.

I did win a $5 spin on here and received the cheque, but taxes are taken off before it's sent to Canada so I got a cheque for $3 and change.
**** Important note about this site ****

An experience I had this month (November 2000) has proven to me that this is a site with integrity and honour.that really does care about the people that play. Late on October 1st I was playing Solitaire, some of their pop-up win cards were blank then suddenly I had one come up that said you won $100 CASH. I was ecstatic never having won anything that large before, so I immediately wrote asking for confirmation because I just couldn't believe my eyes. After about 4 days I received a letter from the president, CEO with an apology saying that there had been about 90 minutes where the server was sending up pop-up windows for September prizes and that is what I had gotten. He apologized profusely and said they had credited me with 100 free spins on the slot machine. I wrote him back, an equally nice letter saying I would lying if I didn't say I was disappointed especially since I have never won anything that big before and I was getting excited about being able to tell all my friends about winning big on their site. And that I did appreciate the 100 spins but I had been having more fun with Solitaire lately so really the spins weren't of much value to me. The next day, Friday October 6th, I received another email, again apologizing and saying in way of apology and because I was so understanding he had instructed the prize division to send me a gift pack which would include a digital camera. I thought now that would be cool but of course was a bit skeptical. On Monday, October 20th I RECEIVED THE GIFT PACK which was made up of a DIGITAL CAMERA and T-SHIRT. This is a nice camera too, for sale on the internet for $99US which has 2 meg unremovable memory, holds 16 pics at a time, gets rid of red eye, has a delay so you can set it and get in the picture yourself, works with the computer and TV, can be used for still pics or as a video camera, has a CD to use for editing the photos etc., a carry case and something beyond belief, batteries!!
I have to say I can personally endorse this site because they do care about the people playing, even though we don't pay a cent, and the camera is not some cheap cheesy prize either. So if you like playing the slots of solitaire it's worth the time. Mind you there are a limited number of prizes each month so you may or not may win anything but then isn't that true of any game of chance.

I can say I have won the smaller amounts from Freelotto and received the cheque.

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Lottoballs, not exactly a sweeps or lottery but play games, win points for free prizes is pretty close and kinda fun.

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>Lot's of fun but takes time to earn Trocas
Okay this isn't exactly a sweepstake but I know I'd like to get enough airmiles to go on vacation without having to spend money to do it!