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If you've got 10 minutes to spare why not go and fill out a survey - it's easy, fun, you get to give you opinion and depending on the site you will either be entered in a draw to win money or paid outright and it's usually in U.S. Funds!!!!! So go sign up you've got nothing to lose but lots to gain. Greenfield online has surveys posted continually so you can go sign up and see if you qualify for one and you're always ended into the random draw for whatever prize they are paying out. Others will send you a notification when they have a survey that is suited for you, you may only get one all year, but most of the time you will be paid outright for the survey.

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The very first survey I ever did and got paid for was with this site - $4 US for a couple minutes work, it was great.

ATTENTION ALL GOLFERS --- This survey site is for you, it's all about golf and you can make a difference, plus it has all kinds of great information. So join up today. I have to endorse this site personally because I decided to give them a suggestion to help improve their site based on something my son, a 15 year old who loves golf, said to me and they not only liked the recommendation but as a thank you sent two Adidas Golf shirts - one for my son because it was his idea and one for me for submitting it, and Maxfli Revolution golf balls! These are not cheap gifts my friends and all because of a suggestion. After seeing this I can just imagine what great gifts you get if you're chosen in the draw for doing a survey!

I've signed up for this site and as of January 2001 have received $15 US for surveys I've done and I'm not done yet, receiving another $12 in May so this site definitely pays and what's nice is you can let the money build before you request payment or take each payment as it comes in and you get the money in about 2 weeks!

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This is a bit different, if you want a survey on your site and are willing to spend a little money on a book that will help you design a survey that is perfect for you.